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With the launch of its new website now offers a matchmaking dating service that tells card holding members where to go and what to do around the city of Cleveland. It’s Online Dating with a Destination.

About: not only gives cardholders discounts and rewards, but also rewards card issuing merchants with an additional source of revenue, marketing in select media outlets, and a dating service designed to make transitioning from an online encounter Fast, Easy and Effective.


Starting now an online dating service will offer its members discounts and rewards at various bars and restaurants throughout Cleveland, OH.

This is no normal online dating service though. It’s more like the matchmaking services of the old guard rather than the tech driven catfish filled pond of the new. Members must apply, undergo a short but thorough interview process and are then hand picked and matched with other similar members of their preferred sex.

Each approved applicant will be given a FREE Made4Dates Concierge Card and FREE admission to one local event on the house. Sponsored by Made4Dates and its partner affiliates. Apply today at to both “Find A Date” and also “Honor The Card”. The target demographic is 22-39 year old singles of either gay or straight sexual preferences. We accept applicants of all colors, races, creeds, backgrounds and preferences. Everyone deserves love. 


 Press Release

The New Made4Dates Concierge Card is like Groupon and Living Social on a Card, but better. It’s designed to give cardholders discounts and rewards at Northeast Ohio's Top 1500 Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment Venues and Leisure Attractions while also serving as an additional source of revenue for the merchants.


Every card issuing merchant that signs up to offer cardholders discounts and rewards will be given 20 cards to either give away to their employees and select customers, or sell at the suggested retail rate of $9.99 per card.


Unlike Groupon or Living Social we don’t require card issuing merchants spend limited man hours typing a lengthy description of their chosen discount or reward in detail online. You can simply choose to honor a flat rate discount of 10% (no special terminal or kiosk required) and sell the cards as another revenue source. However, if a card issuing merchant would like to use the concierge card as an opportunity to track their customer’s purchases and buying habits while also more actively promoting specials, discounts and rewards throughout the year than metric tracking POS kiosks and consumer reports are available at an additional charge from standard merchant registration.

The cost for standard merchant registration is just $99 per year and includes a 1’ X 1’ square on a billboard promotion scheduled for August 2018, 20 concierge cards to sell or giveaway as you see fit, and one promoted event to be mass marketed to cardholders per year.
Concierge Cards are not a new concept, but Made4Dates Concierge Cards were made with dating singles, thrill seeking couples, and the card issuing local business in mind. They’re easy to use and easy to issue, but effective at making an active lifestyle more affordable and rewarding. Register online today at to reserve your spot both as a registered cardholder and a participating vendor. 


Press Release- 

The New Made4Dates Concierge Card plans to set a Guinness World Record by plastering Logos of some of Ohio's Top 1500 Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment and Leisure Attractions all on one Billboard Near Downtown Cleveland.


The current record is 1,498 and was achieved by UAE Logos 2012 (UAE) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 12 December 2012.*


The Made4Dates Concierge Card has elected to break this record, by making it a community affair. They’ve decided to award every participating local business with automatic inclusion in a rewards card available for purchase to the general public both online and at each participating venues in an effort to promote local business and generate more brand awareness.

Along with inclusion on the billboard, concierge cards will be made available to local hotels, motels, and vacation stays to help please the need for sightseeing while in a newly emerging city.

The application has been approved by Guinness World Records and a Billboard centrally located near Downtown Cleveland has been contracted for August 2018. Register online today at to reserve your spot both as a registered cardholder and a participating vendor.

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